Stranger Things
macOS, Windows
Supported Input:
Keyboard Xbox 360 Controller Xbox One Controller

Take on the role of Eleven, as you play and encounter the events that unfold within the first episode of the Stranger Things web television series.

The game caters to players with multiple play styles - avoid capture through hiding within the environment, or use Eleven's powers; but be careful not to overuse them. Play with either a keyboard, or an Xbox 360/One controller where simplistic controls will guide you through the lab and forest environments. Can you evade capture?

Sleepy Brain Studios, Ltd and this game are in no way affiliated with Netflix.

The game you are about to play is a non-profit endeavour created by fans of the show. No financial gain whatsoever is made from this project.

The game is based on content owned by Netflix and everything within should be considered their sole property unless explicitly stated otherwise.

We at Sleepy Brain Studios would like to thank both Netflix and the Duffer Brothers for creating a great show and inspiring us to make this game.

Development is still ongoing, with plans to include a tutorial amongst further development of other features. If you have any issues, email us, or drop us a message on Discord!